Taupo. Love it.

A recent week in Taupo found us enjoying many of our favourite places. One at the top of the list is The Wairakei Terraces just north of Taupo (near BP). We all remember hearing about The Pink and White Terraces. I really wish I had seen them! They were considered the eighth wonder of the world before they were destroyed on the night of the Mt Tarawera eruption in 1886. They were reportedly the largest silica sinter deposits on earth. The deposits grew as silica laden water cascaded over them. They were huge. The White Terrace was the larger, covering 8 hectares and with a drop in elevation of 25 metres. The Pink Terrace descended 22 metres. What an amazing sight they must have been. The Wairakei Terraces are well worth a visit. Nothing like the size of the original Terraces but I love going The and think they are fantastic. A walkway leads you to a great view of the silica terraces. Below these are the thermal bathing pools, only those over 14 years old are able to enter the pools. A man-made geyser is fed by superheated fluids that come from depths of over 1.5km. Silica enriched water flows away from the geyser then cascades over the terraces, depositing large amounts of silica to form amazing terraces reminiscent of the original Pink and White Terraces. As well as the walk and the pools there, you can also get massages at the Spa.

We stayed in a timeshare in Taupo by the lake. The timeshare has many activities available to guests. We enjoyed table tennis, indoor bowls, pool, the spa pools and the heated outdoor pool. Fantastic for Pop and grandson to while away some time together. The bikes are also great, although we had our own with us. You can bike or walk along the walkway on the side of the lake from the main shopping centre past 5 Mile Bay. A good ride each day to ensure the holiday isn’t too passive!

Taupo has nice shopping, numerous cafes and restaurants, and a market on Saturday mornings – always a good place for breakfast!

We also enjoyed mini putt. Very popular it was too, busy each time we passed it no matter the time of day.

There are so many things to do in Taupo, hit a golf ball into the lake, go fishing and catch a trout (then if you don’t want to cook it yourself you can take it to a restaurant and they will cook it and serve it to you), go for a boat trip on the lake, visit one or more of the hot pools…….   It’s a fabulous place to take youngsters, every time we visit we love it.

Great for motorhomers too. You can stay right by the lake at the north end by the shopping centre, or down by 5 Mile Bay. Plenty of other places too including the NZMCA camp.