Singapore – more than just shopping!

A few days in Singapore are very easy to fill in. We went for an easy option. We bought a pass on the Hop On Hop Off bus with Hippotours in conjunction with a Tourist Rewards Card. For two days we could go to any of the places on their seven lines, spend as long as we liked at the attractions we chose, then return to our hotel which was on one of their bus routes. Very convenient and cool too in the 30 degree heat. We went to Gardens by the Bay which is 101 hectares of gardens including stunning man made trees up to 16 storeys high with walkways high up between some of them. They were amazing in the day but we returned one night to see the light show (incredibly this is free) where lights dance on the trees to popular music. Spectacular. 

There was a commentary on the bus which was pretty interesting. One thing we learnt was the reason the roads are not too busy and most people use public transport. Only a certain number of cars are allowed to be registered at a time. You can only register a car for 10 years. When this time is up you relinquish your paper permit (as it is known). An auction is held regularly and those who want to buy a car at that time bid. You could  pay S$130,000 for the paper permit, this is before you even purchase the car! You are able to bid and keep the same car, so there are a few cars older than 10 years, but we didn’t see many.

We also did a Night Safari where you travel on a tram through the wildlife night park for an hour. This is next to the Singapore Zoo. Chinatown and Little India were not as busy as when we were there many years ago, everything is clean and the locals friendly. We had a lunch  with a difference one day.  A Gourmet Bus Lunch Tour. We travelled on a bus for two hours looking at various sights while we were served a tasty local lunch – dim sims etc. Most enjoyable. There were many other places we could have visited in Singapore, but we had a great balance of time both in Singapore and on Sentosa Island, shopping, walking (have to keep the exercise up), swimming, enjoying the local food ($3 – $10 for a meal), visiting attractions and relaxing.

Our last hotel in Singapore was a bonus. We were ,on arrival, moved to the hotel next door. The one our travel agent had booked is a little tired apparently so they put a group of us next door. This one, on the hotel booking sites, is twice the price. As well as a lovely buffet breakfast they offer a free mini bar in the room  – only one beer, plenty of juices and water replenished daily – snacks all afternoon in the restaurant and more than snacks at night – salmon, chicken, salad. Amazing. No need to go out to dinner. Free cocktails, wine etc too. All inclusive. Never had that before. Weird how you don’t eat or drink too much when it is free! Only two drinks and we were done. Who would believe it! The Quincy is fabulous. Quirky too. And great staff who always recognise you and greet you. Really nice place.


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